Kitty Kat Pinup

Kitty Kat Pinup


About Kitty Kat Pinup

Kitty Kat Pinup is a side line of Zairia’s Photography L.L.C.

Kitty Kat Pinup includes all genres of pinup photography from the Classic to the Fetish, to the Burlesque to the more Modern styles, pretty much all things pinup…..

Zairia excels at capturing the 40’s and 50’s looks through creative use of wardrobe and styling, recreated lighting and spectacular direction of her subjects.

Zairia has been inspired by the incredible artwork of several creators of the original pinup art and style…namely Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren.

*Kitty Kat Pinup does not do typical Boudoir and Glamour shots.*

Be a Kitty Kat Pinup Girl!

Located in Belleville, Illinois, just 20 minutes from down town St. Louis, Missouri, Kitty Kat Pinup is a fun, exciting and unique photography experience.

Are you looking for something different and personal for yourself?

Kitty Kat Pinup is the perfect alternative for you, or as a gift for that special loved one…

Express Yourself

Whether you want to be a fun, sexy kitten, or a sultry, modern vixen, or somewhere in between, this is your time to express your originality.

While I have props, some costumes, and jewelry accessories, it’s a good idea to bring your own. Personal Props will enhance your photos and make them uniquely your own. With Kitty Kat Pinup you’ll never have to worry about someone else having your exact image.

I never reenact the same image so they stay uniquely your own!

Kitty Kat Pinup rates can now be found on my Kitty Kat Pinup website.

Kitty Kat Pinup

Sarah “Z” Cayson, Photographer

Business Phone: (618) 334-2510

Zairia’s Photography/Kitty Kat Pinup’s schedule is full till August 11th. Booking new appointments after August 11th!


2 Responses to Kitty Kat Pinup

  1. I’m looking for a valentine’s day gift for my sprcial someone.. I want it done by january 27. If you need a depoist let me know. I’m interested in fetish/kink. Let me know if you have any packages and what the rates are

  2. Shannon Mann says:

    I really enjoyed my photography session, so did my husband

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