Pinup Session Tips

(618) 334-2510


Scheduling does require a deposit of $50.00 and is not refundable if you cancel. It does go toward the  price of your session.

The cost of the session you chose is to be paid in full at the beginning of your session. I like to get the money part out of the way first so the day stays about you!

Cash or Check only

PayPal is used when ordering your photos

What to Bring
Bring A Valid photo ID (A driver’s license or other picture ID should suffice.)
Bring A Flesh-tone g-string & push-up Strapless bra
Bring Your Regular foundation and mascara
Bring A Robe
Bring Your own outfit/outfits
Bring Heels that match your outfits (The Higher the Better)
Pasties or nu-bra ($20.00 at Sally’s Beauty Supply) If you’re a B, get a C.
Bring “samples” of the types of shots and poses you would like to try. (Pick photos from magazines or the web and show them to me so I can try to emulate the look you are going for.)

Preparations & Grooming

Sleep: It’s a good idea to get plenty of sleep the night before so you look your best.

Alcohol: Avoid alcohol 48-72 hours before your shoot.

Body: Arms, Legs and Bikini line hair should be removed. Body hair, anywhere and everywhere, should be kept to a minimum. Choose your own method, but barer is always better in photographs. Use lotion on your body to get rid of dry skin (Moisturize your entire body with a light lotion before your shoot. (No body oils, powders, or bronzers, though!)

Tan Lines: Don’t come in for your party session with tan lines. They are the most difficult thing to airbrush out, and they don’t photograph well. Avoid tanning altogether or tan in the nude. Don’t get a spray tan. A spray tan can end up being disastrous for your photos.

Face: Eyebrows should be waxed or plucked, hair around the mouth should be removed and exfoliate lips. Come with a clean face!

Nails: Toe nails and fingernails should match. Fingernails should be either active or fashion length. French tipped or natural is preferred so it matches everything.  Red is also a good choice. Otherwise nails should match all outfits being photographed.

Hair: Have your roots done if you color your hair. Hair should be trimmed and in good repair

Clothing: Clothing, costumes, and lingerie should not be wrinkled, have stains, or holes. Shoes should be in good repair. Please make sure all clothing fits prior to arriving.
Helpful Tips

Be on Time: If you are more than 15 minutes late without a phone call, your shoot will be canceled and your deposit will not be returned.

It’s all in the face!  Big genuine smiles, a sultry come-hither look, an over the top expression will make you look like a million dollars!  Don’t be afraid to exaggerate.

Don’t be afraid to be silly!  The best pictures happen when you let go of your inhibitions, so if you start out that way, you’ll get even more great photos!

Use your props!  They’re there for you, so rely on them to make your images more interesting. Props give you an opportunity to move your body in different ways and put the focus where YOU want it.  (For example, if you hate your tummy, hide it behind your teddy bear/flower bouquet/book…etc!)

Music is a great way to set the mood. Feel free to bring along a mix CD of songs that will help you get in the mood to take some saucy sexy pictures!

If you are bringing more than one outfit, try to save your favorite outfit for last.  By then you’ll be more relaxed and those pictures usually turn out the best.

Nude shoots: It’s up to you how much or how little you want to show in your pictures. We will be very professional, so don’t get self conscious.  You won’t have any fun, and it will show up in your photos.

Don’t hesitate to tell me what you want.  If you have a specific pose in mind, or if you have a body part that you’d love to camouflage, let me know so that I can try to make it happen!

If you have tattoos, piercings, or any other body modifications, decide before your session if you want to show them off or not.  Plan your outfit around either showcasing them or hiding them.

Don’t wear constrictive clothing to the shoot.  Wear loose clothes, like a track suit, and try to bring a robe or dressing gown to the shoot to change into as soon as you get there.  We will need to wait for the lines in your skin to go away from socks, bra straps, jeans, etc.

Kitty Kat Pinup is here for YOU! I want you to be comfortable, have a great time, and get some awesome photos, so keep a positive attitude and have fun !


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