Yoro Creations

Yoro Creations

Yolanda is the owner/creator of Yoro Creations LLC. Founded in 2012, Yolanda is a self-taught artist and has been creating jewelry for over a number of years, specializing in custom jewelry, to include statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, elaborate body chains and more. Yoro pieces are composed of aluminum, nickel-free and lead-free base metals, semi-precious stones, glass, crystals, and whatever else catches her eye, you see, media mixing is what inspires her to design the pieces that she creates. She is highly motivated by the fashion of yesterday, today, and the future. Her jewelry has been in several publications, television features, and has won awards. You can find her working daily on her creations because it inspires her when a customer says, “Your jewelry makes me Happy!” and that’s, what keeps her going…

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